Gangster party at The Boom Room a success.

I am not sure if the last post I made of this upcoming event had anything to do with it, but there were a lot of people who had come to The Boom Room this evening for the themed party and most that attended had dressed up. It was not 100% strict but it is always nice when people put on the finer clothes and come enjoy themself, I came to the party around half way in it when Jay Cee was spinning his amazing set.

After him it was Tack spinning electro swing and that was the first time I can recall I ever heard that in this world, and I was amazed how good it sounded. Still people kept coming to the party as they wanted to enjoy themself and dance and have fun, my crazy friend Boo came with a machine gun and that scared me a little, what went off… lool.

The last dj I had time to start listen to was Victoria Grau it was getting close to my bedtime, I had been up early in the morning as I usual am so it was pointless to fight with my eyes that did not want to stay up any longer. I was able to get 25 minutes of her set with me and then I had to leave, but the tunes I was able to listen to sounded great and maybe some other day I get to listen to more.

Another great thing about the event is that they had old timers dances, swing style and that was the icing on the cake to actual have the decoration set, the dances, the music and a lot of great people who had come to have fun and listen to great tunes.

Of course as we all know I have an itchy picture finger and I think I got most of those who came by, I could not stay all night take pictures but I got those who were there for Jay Cee and Tack sets. Maybe you even see yourself as your avatar become an internet star. :O

Last I should mention that this amazing party would never been a success if it was not for Brissy that had this planned and executed, the party was very good thanks to her hard work.

Review of Soak Music Avenue.

After a tip from a friend I was told about this new establishment that have open up on the SL grid, it is created by Isabella Inf1nity and is a place for Art, Fashion, Music events , Shops, Gacha and Chill. The layout of the sim is very nicely build up it has taken a lot of planning and effort by the owner of this establishment to create this place, it is a beach layout with stand alone small shops, the art gallery you see next to the small cafe the second you land.

You can come here and take photos, create videos or hangout with friends or meet new people, the sim is rated adult but certain rules apply those you can read when you arrive as it is not a sex sim. Audience they look for is adult people who like what they offer or if you want to explore you will have a lot to check out here.

They also have areas in air that can be reached with teleports that are on ground, keep in mind it is still work in progress as they iron out the last tweaks for the place. But you are more than welcome to come check it out, I am sure you would like it here if you like the electronic type of music.

Have taken a few photos for you to look at or you can visit Soak Music Avenue and see for yourself.

Dj Nea Fredriksson and Kaua Dinzel Live at BarDeco.

On impulse me and Terry arrange for Nea to spin at BarDeco a mix of funk/disco/boogie set with an awesome track selection, she kept on going for around two hours making everyone that showed up feel great as they enjoyed her tunes. Just as she was about to finish up Kaua log on and now he spins a crazy funk set, you can check out the mini video I made to see what you just missed out on or if you fast you can get most of his set with you as he started 20 minutes ago. A free taxi for you —>

Black Milk Winter Party

What a great way to spend your saturday with great tunes from Clyn Vella followed by two more hours of Fina Dibou and last of them all Desterac Laval finish up the evening with at least two hours. Have been a lot of people here tonight, people have come and gone depending on who the dj is. After 61 pictures, photoshop and 5 hours in total I am calling it a day, I think I deserve it.. Have fun looking at the pictures of those who came here tonight to support their favorite dj.