Interview with Katia Roffo.

Katia Roffo is one of my favorite female dj to go listen to when I am able to in between my busy second life, I first met her at a friends club and saw her dj for first time. And since then I try to go listen when she have an event or a set at a club,I had though about asking her for a long time for an interview but never got around to it until now.

I asked Katia one of the last days in august to give her time to answer the questions and get back to me when she had time, she is a busy woman in both life and since I am not able to actual pay anyone for their time I have to wait for them to come to me. I hope you find the interview interesting like I did, and don’t be shy to comment if you have any views on the post.

*How did you find second life?

I’ve always liked online games and in 2007 I discovered second life through technology companies. I was curious and I created my avatar just to visit lands of big companies like IBM and others.


*What country are you from?

I’m from Brazil.


*Did it take long after you arrived to second life did you decide to start as a dj?

I started to dj 3 years after I joined SL. I was exploring Brazilian and foreign lands and soon I came across a world of incredible music in second life, Visiting one of these lands, there was this real life famous brazilian radio station event going on. I contacted the dj and asked how to work as dj in second life. He hired me as his personal host. So I started participating in events and parties in second life and started enjoying live streaming and music softwares as an amateur. My first event was at a portuguese land and people loved my set, So after, I started receiving invitations to new gigs and I loved doing it.


*What was the name of the first club you had your first dj gig at?

Dance 4 Life was my debut as dj in sl, before I just played for fun at other lands.


*Do you have a certain dj style you spin or more than one?

I play many styles, including Deep House, Funky House, Soulful, House and Deep Tech.


*You have any dj experience from real life and do you like to tell us about it?

Yes, at first being a dj  was just a hobby in sl, I’ve conquered my space in this virtual world, but through popular sites like mixcloud and others, and through the dj’ing course I took and some friends in real life, I started making some presentations at private parties here in my region. It was incredible, but my real life job takes a lot of my time. I also have a permanent spot in a web radio from Germany that I’ve been part of for about 3 years personal realization I believe.


*Before you start your set how much do you prepare for it, and do you spin live and do you use records (LP’s) or mp3 tracks?

I prepare myself a lot, always choosing my music carefully.
I’m in love with the world of Lp’s, and all the history behind electronic and house music. I admire the djs who use it and stay true to it, but I try to follow the new. I use mp3 and wav files. I’m faithful to the new technology, things evolve and we must follow and the past is history we should admire.


*What type of dj gear are you using?

Hardware: Traktor Kontrol S4 & Tecnics phone dj 1200
Software: Traktor Pro 2, Mixed in Key to analyze the tracks and play in harmony.


*How do you see your SL in 3 – 5 years, still dj, or have you left this world by then?

Nowadays I play exactly at the places that I always wanted to play. I don’t do perm sets. I am exclusive of the clubs that I am part of the staff. And I’d like to keep that routine, besides doing other things, such as running my club and leaving my trace wherever I play.


*When you spin do you do it for the Lindens or for the love of music, or both?

Without any doubt for the love of music. I have other ways of acquiring lindens, mostly through my real life work and second life business. But it is very gratifying to be recognized by your work. Just by a simple compliment in your message box or a generous tip, no matter the amount.

“I don’t claim to know everything, every day is a learning experience. Also I do not take advantage of other people to promote myself. I learned to love music and it’s always a pleasure for me to show a little of what I do and like to do. ”

If you interested to know more about Katia you can visit her on Facebook or Mixcloud , feel free to leave a comment if you have anything on your mind.


Interview with Morlita Quan.

I have been looking forward to this a long time but it never have been possible due to Morlita’s busy schedule, so when I catch her online earlier tonight on Facebook I asked briefly and she was very positive to an interview. I met her back in late 2014 at a small club and we became friends and till this day I have been following her music and art, she is a very talented person that everyone want a piece of. Hope you all enjoy reading about Morlita and what she says in the interview, also feel free to check out my Vimeo as there are a lot of live performances I have recorded over time.

*How did you find second life?
9 years ago I was totally bored at home in my free day and really had no idea about this metaverse’s existence but looking for a computer game I saw an advertisement about Second Life. I created my account thinking about it was a kind of game but the professional side on it into arts and music still have me there.

*What is your name in Second Life and what country are you from?
Morlita Quan and I am from Galicia (Spain)

*Did it take long after you arrived to second life did you decide to start djing?
Maybe couple years. I was shy at first to share what I do in real life so it took me a while for observe the music world in SL or take some trust till do it.

*What was the name of the first club you had your first dj gig at?
MetaLES. This sim which is now an art reference in SL started the path having also radio, music performance and rl-sl events. One of the owners,Ux Hax who I met in my first SL days ,was a mentor for me at this world and even in RL after build a truly friendship

*Do you have a certain dj style you spin or more than one? 
I started in real life mixing more now electronic styles like tech or minimal, but my eclectic side with a lot of different influences, adventured me to produce and spin experimental electronic and noise style. The passion for it and for experiment more and more every day ,since more than one decade ago , gives me curiosity and a pure satisfaction for learn more paths each time

*You have any dj experience from real life and do you like to tell us about it?
I spin in RL since my 15 or 16 years old for different clubs or art events…The problem (or not) about to produce a minority style it is to find open mind people who is ready to open themselves to different experiences so I could say the listeners come to you slower than the mainstream but they are more loyal
This made my path so alone ,producing by passion and hidden many years without expect nothing…just like an own needed but few years ago I was lucky to enter into NAIF Label (Narcotic Influence) and there I am totally free to make what I want with support .
Anyway I never could forget persons like Ux Hax,Romy Nayar ,Jadeyu Fhang or Cherry Manga. Real life friends who I met in SL and who was and are ones of my strongest supports for me, my music and my self-trust

*Before you start your set how much do you prepare for it, and do you spin live and do you use records (LP’s) or mp3 tracks?
I spin live, sometimes LP’s, sometimes mp3 and another times performing my own music live or mixing my music with another one. I love to feel the moment and let the moment guide me so I never do prepare it but well …lol if you are not concentrated or you can’t feel the people around you…it can be a nightmare till you back to your concentration

*What type of dj gear are you using?
Midi station,couple mp3 mix tables, couple LP’s disk, computer programs for produce or mix live and my classical instruments I rare times use for SL

*How do you see your SL in 3 – 5 years, still dj, or have you left this world by then?
I really haven’t idea. I don’t know even what I will next week so I could say while SL keeps supporting all kind of arts I will keep there in one way or another. SL offers , tones of art and music events,taking a simply TP. It is an inspiration many times and a luxury to can see for free and any time , what artist of any current can create at this metaverse without creativity limits. Simply amazing and all a satisfaction to can learn many new things from them

*When you spin do you do it for the Lindens or for the love of music, or both?
I never wanted a payment for the performance. I do it for love and it is more than enough if I just can rezz a tip for pay the stream but there’s no problem at all if I haven’t nothing.

*RL Artist name: MorlitaM

Links to her music and website.

MorlitaM on Facebook.
MorlitaM on Youtube.
MorlitaM on Web.
MorlitaM on Soundcloud.
MorlitaM music Shop.

Morlita Quan live at closing of the Dark Tears from SLVenue on Vimeo.

Interview with CellShader

I met CellShader at Shivers a club I had visited a few times in past to see other great artist, there he was with his synth on the stage performing live. As a electro-head I usual leave but this time I stayed to hear his performance, a real cool guy that also is a great artist. I though you might would like to learn more about him as an artist in Second Life and in his real life, I hope you enjoy reading what he had to say.

*How did you find second life?
A friend gave me a copy of the book Snow Crash, whose author first coined the term “metaverse”. The book ended but I wasn’t finished, so I went searching for more… and here I am!

*What country are you from?
The United States. But really, the internet.

*Did it take long after you arrived to second life did you decide to start performing?
It was a gradual process – I mostly did scattered, irregular shows until I moved out of California. Now that I live relatively in the middle of nowhere, I’m free to perform online with little distraction.

*What was the name of the first club you had your first gig at?
Empty Chaos, run by Maul (mael lorefield) and Toy (criseyde clary). Wonderful people, super supportive! They’re a big reason why I stuck around and kept doing shows at first. Constantine Radio was still around then, and they’d let me use the radio stream for the shows. There were random sims all over the grid playing my shows – I made some great friends that way. Good times.

*Who are some of your biggest influences?
I had a strongly classical upbringing, beginning with piano lessons at a young age. Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, Grieg, and Chopin are among my favorites. My father’s also huge on jazz – he was a career big band trombone player in his youth. While I’m not much into jazz, there’s an attitude of refined musicality which carried over from my father. I’m not as good as him, but we have similar values in a lot of ways.

My single favorite band by this point is probably Mr. Bungle – and I like a lot of other projects with Mike Patton in them. Nothing is sacred, nothing is static. That resonates with me.

Of course, there are several producers of electronic music who I look up to and admire. BT, Perturbator, Sonic Mayhem, Frontline Assembly, Skinny Puppy, all masters of their craft. They all value sound for sound’s sake, which is something very important to me.

And lastly, I’ll say that I’m one of a very lucky group of people who got to see an obscure band called Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Look up a live performance of Angle of Repose. I hate their studio recordings, not because they’re bad, but because there was an incredible magic in seeing them live which no recording could ever capture. The first time I saw them was by accident – I was into the opening act and had no clue who they were. But I was a changed man after seeing them. I arrived as one sort of person, and left as someone else. For me, it was like seeing the face of god. I don’t believe in any god – but on that night, I sure did.

*How does performing in SL compare to your RL shows?
I notice the physicality of it, or the lack thereof. Nobody says, “I went to hear this band”. They usually say, “I got to see Tool”, or “we’re going to see NIN next week”. Why such emphasis on sight if we’re going for the music?

Physical presence is a huge part of the musical experience. We like to dance. We like to feel our hearts beat along with the drums. We like to feel present with everyone we’re sharing the experience with. That’s as true for a performer as for anyone in the audience. In SL, I have to consciously put myself in the right frame of mind. If I’m lucky, maybe I can drag some people in the audience into that state of mind with me. In RL, that can happen automatically because you’re just… there.

*Before you start your set how much do you prepare for it?
I warm up religiously before each show! The risk of injury goes up a lot for singers who don’t warm up. I also like to spend time reviewing my set list, and of course there’s a good chunk of time for setting up and doing promo. All together, it often takes about an hour.

*What type of software/hardware are you using?
I do everything in software that I possibly can. I usually crave a more digital sound, though there are exceptions to the rule.

At this point, I use FL Studio for initial songwriting, then send tracks over to Reaper for finalizing. FL Studio weirded me out at first, but it’s amazing for working with virtual instruments. And Harmor is the single best synth I’ve ever used, period. Reaper is better suited for handling straight audio files and live performance. It’s rock solid and it can do just about anything imaginable.

Some virtual instruments I’m particularly fond of are Art Vista Grand Piano (my baby!), RealLPC/RealEIGHT, Amplitube 4, and Superior Drummer 2. I also have a hodgepodge of free synths, all kinds of stuff. For effects, I love basically anything by Izotope. I am an Izotope fanboy! I don’t know how they manage to make their stuff sound so good, but there’s a lot to be said for their “all in one” approach. I got Neutron specifically because it’s the only plugin I’ve ever found with a zero-latency dynamic EQ – so I can use it live! My vocals tend to be erratic and unpredictable, so having a dynamic EQ makes sure they gel more consistently with the rest of the mix.

I do have *some* actual hardware, of course. I picked up a Nektar Impact LX88, which is now my favorite keyboard to date. It’s a great compromise between feeling like a synth and feeling like an actual piano. It just feels good. That’s the most important thing with any instrument, I think.

For vocals, I’ve got an Audix OM1 plugged into a Cloudlifter, which then goes into my PreSonus 44VSL. It’s a relatively cheap setup which lets me go from whispers to screams in a moment, while keeping volume levels stable and avoiding feedback. I use this setup for RL performance too, where things are much crazier. It’s solid!

I built my computer from parts – I’m a PC guy, just because I know how to do all the fine-tuning required to make it perform almost as well as a high-end mac. So it’s much cheaper. The main thing is to get a motherboard chipset with good USB controllers. I have a z77 chipset board with an i7-3770k processor on it. I’m quite happy with it. It’ll probably be years before I feel a need to upgrade, and I’ve had this setup for several years already. I highly recommend this combo to other aspiring producers, and you can get the parts for pretty cheap on ebay these days.

*How do you see your SL in 3 – 5 years, still performing, or have you left this world by then?
That depends on how quickly VR evolves. Whereas many in SL are very loyal to SL, I’m very loyal to VR in a broader sense. It’s going to be at least a few more years before VR headsets become truly accessible and usable to the average person. And for performing musicians, we’ll need way more than some animation playing while we plug-in an audio stream. But the challenge excites me and I can’t wait to be at the forefront of virtual music performance. That may eventually take some of my time away from SL. But I think I’ll continue to come to SL so long as there are people who want to hear me.

For more information about this artist you can visit his Facebook page.

Interview with Mike Jaxx.

Due to summer time and people on vacation the dj interview’s have been slow but today I was able to make this blog post about Mike, it is not a big one as you might are used to but I hope you enjoy read about him.

Mike is a German dj that’s been around the grid for a very long time more or less been a dj for almost 10 years, he start as a trance dj at Dance Island back in the days when Rich and Roxette where the owners. I do recall these people back in the old days when everyone went to dance island to party, those where the days with shopping and music hand in hand.

*Do you have a certain dj style you spin or more than one?* 

I start with trance for 10 years then for the next 5 years i play deep house – tech house – techno and now by special wish trance.

*You have any dj experience from real life and do you like to tell us about it?*

I have been a dj until 2010 real life then I stopped it because my other job was to busy, in summer i play time to time for people in Ibiza ( private sessions ).

*Before you start your set how much do you prepare for it, and do you spin live and do you use records (LP’s) or mp3 tracks?*

Yes before I have a set I search my tracks to prepare for an event, I use cd and mp3 and always dj live.

*What type of dj gear are you using?*

For Second Life I use native instruments – Traktor 8 and software traktor 2.11
and 2 Pioneer players.

*How do you see your SL in 3 – 5 years, still dj, or have you left this world by then?*

I think i am here is fun for me i think this world is more real than with graphic and moving, Sansar is coming and this is a big jump.

*When you spin do you do it for the Lindens or for the love of music, or both?*

I play for the music for people they like cool good music, Lindens are only for my life here rent or clothes.

Here is a video I recorded of Mike when he performed at Dance Island a while back, a teaser for those of you who never have seen or heard him dj.

DJ Mike Jaxx at Dance Island from SLVenue on Vimeo.

Here are some useful links to his music.

Mike at Number One Music

Mike at Myspace

Mike at Sound Cloud

Mike aka Michael Giessmann at Mix Cloud

Interview with DJ Eduardo Hyx.

Edu_interview_smallTook me some time to get around and ask Edu for an interview for the blog, he is one of the best dj’s in sl as far as I know. I do remember him from the old sl days, and it was only natural for me to want to interview him to learn more about him and his dj’ing. He is in a class among other Brazilian DJs that spin in SL more frequent that he does, so it’s a treat to be able to come and listen to his set when he does them.

Reach the dj > Eduardo Hyx SL profile.

*How did you find second life?

A Real Life friend told me about Second Life.

*Did it take long after you arrived to second life did you decide to start djing, and what was the name of the first club you had your first dj gig at?

Well, in the beginning i didn’t knew nothing about the game, i was a noob like everyone else when we start, then after some time i was used to hangout in a Brazilian sim that had a club and it was a Radio as well. One day i asked the owner what i needed for spin at Second Life Radio and it was easy because i had Djing in RL a long time before join SL, i didn’t start Djing after start play SL, i already knew all about.

*You have any dj experience from real life and do you like to tell us about it?

Yea, i spun at some parties in a school i had close to my house and some neighborhood parties when i was younger, i started DJ really early in my life, i had around 17-18 years, after some time i did quit DJ at all due life problems.

*Before you start your set how much do you prepare for it, and do you spin live and do you use records (LP’s) or mp3 tracks?

I never prepare my sets, i have on my mind the first and second track and the style i gonna play, the rest i just go with the flow, i play mostly timecoded CD’s and Vinyls lately due the fact in my country we don’t have vinyls for sell anymore so i use MP3s and i use too normal CD’s that i had a lot of music recorded on them. Sometimes i play normal Vinyls as well. I really like it.

*What type of dj gear are you using?

2x CDJ 800 MK2 Pioneer, 1x CDJ 1000 MK3 Pioneer, 1x Technics SL 1200 MK2, Traktor Kontrol X1, Traktor Audio 10 and a DJM 600 Pioneer Mixer

*How do you see your SL in 3 – 5 years, still dj, or have you left this world by then?

I don’t think about SL in 3-5 years, i have no idea how it will be, i maybe will not be around anymore, even at the moment i am not often online in Second Life as before.

*When you spin do you do it for the Lindens or for the love of music, or both?

I never cared about Lindens, though, a 2 hours set on RL or SL is really exhausting and most of the people don’t have a clue about that, I spin because the love of music, the Lindens i got i just spend buying some new tracks.

A video from last sunday’s set at Club Xanadu.

Interview with Dj Lexy

Snapshot_001_smallOne of my long time friends here in second life that I met one day I was exploring and taking photos, we became friends from that day. I though for her hard work as a dj in this virtual world it would be interesting to learn about when Lexy joined SL and how she became a dj.

How did you find second life?

I found second life by a friend he was playing it and i never knew about it, that was in the begin of 2007 and it looked so nice kind sims but way better.

Did it take a long time for you to become a dj?

It was in 2008 that a friend told me how to dj in sl so i gave it a try,  I loved it and sins then I have been a dj.  I have played in many clubs back then different kind of clubs, but sins 2010 i started more to mix and i enjoyed that even more. In the past that was more like play some songs and did a lot of Requests, that changed in to mixing and try to make youre own beats and songs not that im a producer in rl but love to fool around and try.

Do you have one music style you prefer to spin, and please share how you prepare for a dj set.

I don’t have one music style, during the week i browse old and new music. Then I guess it’s kind of routine, I bring my selection and my stuff adding a few new tracks every week but not that much. I have a few folders that i can use, but i don’t really prepare much. I just wait to see the audience the club and then i get an idea,  then i follow that idea. I’m not really playing with my mind when I do a set I play with my heart, I do what i think is right which is the basis of be a dj. You play what you think is the right track at the right moment and there is no real reason why, I don’t really think about it I just feel it.

What type of dj gear are you using, and do you prefer mp3 files over vinyls.?

Im using vdj with a midi controller and i use mp3 tracks because i don’t have the equipment for lps or vinyls.

How do you see your SL in 3 – 5 years, still dj, or have you left this world by then?

That is very good question i hope im still around I have been here since 2007, I think I will because music is my passion i can’t live with out music in my life.
When you spin do you do it for the Lindens or for the love of music, or both?
That very easy question i do it for the love of music to share my love of music to people in sl, I love to make people happy to listen to all kind of tunes and yes it is nice if people show you some gratitude for the music you bring them.  But for me it is still the place to bring good music and fun to people, I need to say the clubs scene in sl changed a lot to in the years, some are doing great and others don’t that’s the part you never know how that will turn out in the future.


Interview with Dj Fina Dibou.


I got to know Fina thru a mutual friend that is not in second life anymore, I liked her instant for her personality being fun and also serious when needed. A great dj that I like to go listen to, but sadly I can’t do that every day. Have heard her spin in many clubs around this virtual world, and a few of those places have been closed for various reasons. I made a mini interview with her and I hope you all enjoy reading about this fantastic woman.

How did you find second life?

Through friends I knew in other online forums. So, one day I became curious and checked it out. I started as a roleplay character as I love to write creating a storyline that would capture others of like minds. I had fun with it for a while, while exploring sl.

Did it take a long time for you to become a sl dj?

My time in the club scene has been about 4 years, djing now three, so in answer to your question, I guess yea , a few years .:P

Do you have real life dj experience and do you like to tell us about that?

In real life I have done private parties. I have often thought of clubs as I have heard some djs around the rl scene and thought omgah I can do that :P, but my time in rl and circumstances do not condone the club scene hours.

What type of dj gear are you using?

My first hardware I bought was an S2 MK2 , which after a month I had a problem with. I sent it back to Native Instruments to be repaired, stressing on how long it would take. At that time I was young, eager, 5 perms a week, not mentioning covers I would take. Now that I think back was way too much, but my mindset was different, more sets and visibility was important. So, after a week, still without my gear, I bought the S4 MK2. That is my gear I use now. I still have the S2 boxed …laughs…

Do you spin live and if so do you use records (LP’s) or mp3 tracks?

I always spin live. I would never do any pre-record sets as it goes against all ethic’s of a person who mixes music. Right now I purchase mp3 to spin with .I would like to expand my knowledge with mixing with vinyl but that takes more money for the hardware. I do have a piggy bank, I have been stashing my pennies for this need! Maybe Santa Claus will put some CDJ’s and a Technics SL 1200 MK2, BOOM….

How do you see your SL in 3 – 5 years, still dj, or have you left this world by then?

That is a long time really to think of being in SL …At this point in time with my life in SL I take it day by day. My true love is spinning, mixing music, sharing the vibe to my friends and supporters. That is a great joy and privilege to have the opportunity to do. , I am confident to say I will be djing for some time to come at least until August of 2017 as my icecast is paid up until then 🙂 xoxoxo I also am not ready to lose touch with my friends, follow djs, who have been inspirational to me in music. I will not mention names as there are so many, from starting from day one of my time starting out. I still learn more everyday from them,

When you spin do you do it for the Lindens or for the love of music, or both?

I do it for the love of music . Lindens is a nice perk, and sometimes it makes me feel they are really liking my set…but in all reality, I don’t think that is true. I don’t need big crowds when I spin, or be in a big club and it is lovely to see your friends and supporters show up. What is most important to me and I can say for most djs I know , is the listeners. That the people there are actually listening and enjoying the music. With that, a chemistry builds between the vibe shared from the dj and the energy that builds from the crowd and it is a massive feeling. Sharing what you love in music that deep vibe and connecting with the listener no amount of linden can match …