Blog is taking a hiatus for now.

**Updated from old posting**

When I come up with a new angle for the continue of the blog then I will go from there, for now it will just be here with the posts and when I am good and ready it will be updated to a business plan so i can do more than post.

I actual ran out of energy blogging about this and that, it used to be my fun thing to do and ended up as a “job”. Now I have taken a SL break I am not on grid I am on and off my fb account to chat or answer any questions I have received, but for now I am not interested in logging on and stand on my parcel looking out of the window wondering about the meaning of this virtual life.

The blog was never ment to become this big as I only wanted to share memories of clubs, djs and events that I had been to. When I look back and see how many clubs that have come and gone and same with the people who have taken their time to play music for us, it was well worth all the hours I have spent doing this. And after various things that have happen the recent year I became very selective on what to blog about, not going to go into that  now I will look forward and we see if there will be more to see here.



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