Dj Nadja Neville at Elysion

End of the weekend and the last performer out for this weekend at Elysion is Nadja Neville that spin a mix of this and that, I would be much more specific but I only came there for the last 20 minutes. Today the crowd was a lot of new faces and a few old faces that I have met or seen in my past, as usual I have taken some pictures of those who were here and will share them with you all.

For the tunes they were a typical Nadja set for those who have heard her spin in past, and for those who have not you should take time and go listen to her. I had expected the establishment to be full of people as it usual is on Sundays, well today it was not as crowded as it usual is. I hope you will enjoy watching the photos of the people who had taken time off to be “seen” at Elysion, and maybe next sunday it is you who are here to party and listen to great music. If you are not that into music there is plenty of other naughty things to do at Elysion, from selfies and kinky play with someone you just met or like!

Enjoy the pictures.


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