Djane Nea Fredriksson at Club Xanadu.

Came into this world a little into Nea’s set but was able to listen to most of her disco funk set, and so was all the people who had come to Club Xanadu. This evening the club had moved up in the air inside a dome decorated with a mirror floor, flowers and plans among the decoration.

I have been busy as usual taking pictures and have tried to snap a pictures of everyone that have entered the club for the last two hours, while I was away eating late dinner Duque Diavolo took and spin a funky house set. I made it back for the last 25 minutes of his set, and now he just about finishes as the next dj get ready to take over.  Now Annie kicks off her set with a mix of funky house and soulful tunes, so if you feel like come listen to her as she is about to start her set in minutes feel free to take the free cab.

Enjoy the pictures or come hangout with us.

Teleport to Club Xanadu.


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