DJ Jay Cee Live at Woods Club.

Totally did not know that Jay Cee was going to spin at woods on saturday evening along with Lau Cedrus and Groovenerd that I hope I will see and be able to listen to more in the near future, last dj I had never heard about until today and his set was real cool. After an hour of listening to Groovenerd it was time for Jay Cee to start with his live set in front of a lot of hopeful people,  all of them loving house music and had come to Woods Club to enjoy themself.

Took a bunch of pictures of more or less everyone that set their foot here tonight it could be you see yourself or someone you know, the only thing I had no control over was the annoying texture refreshing that kept messing up the background but as long as the avatars can be seen who cares.

I also recorded part of Jay Cee’s set just after half of it give or take, for those who did not take the trip to Woods at least you can listen to a few of awesome tracks that the dj had put together and I hope you enjoy it.

If you like to know more about upcoming events at Woods Club you could check out their Facebook page, or go check out the cool sim where their club is located.


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