Djane Katia Roffo

Interview with Katia Roffo.

Katia Roffo is one of my favorite female dj to go listen to when I am able to in between my busy second life, I first met her at a friends club and saw her dj for first time. And since then I try to go listen when she have an event or a set at a club,I had though about asking her for a long time for an interview but never got around to it until now.

I asked Katia one of the last days in august to give her time to answer the questions and get back to me when she had time, she is a busy woman in both life and since I am not able to actual pay anyone for their time I have to wait for them to come to me. I hope you find the interview interesting like I did, and don’t be shy to comment if you have any views on the post.

*How did you find second life?

I’ve always liked online games and in 2007 I discovered second life through technology companies. I was curious and I created my avatar just to visit lands of big companies like IBM and others.


*What country are you from?

I’m from Brazil.


*Did it take long after you arrived to second life did you decide to start as a dj?

I started to dj 3 years after I joined SL. I was exploring Brazilian and foreign lands and soon I came across a world of incredible music in second life, Visiting one of these lands, there was this real life famous brazilian radio station event going on. I contacted the dj and asked how to work as dj in second life. He hired me as his personal host. So I started participating in events and parties in second life and started enjoying live streaming and music softwares as an amateur. My first event was at a portuguese land and people loved my set, So after, I started receiving invitations to new gigs and I loved doing it.


*What was the name of the first club you had your first dj gig at?

Dance 4 Life was my debut as dj in sl, before I just played for fun at other lands.


*Do you have a certain dj style you spin or more than one?

I play many styles, including Deep House, Funky House, Soulful, House and Deep Tech.


*You have any dj experience from real life and do you like to tell us about it?

Yes, at first being a dj  was just a hobby in sl, I’ve conquered my space in this virtual world, but through popular sites like mixcloud and others, and through the dj’ing course I took and some friends in real life, I started making some presentations at private parties here in my region. It was incredible, but my real life job takes a lot of my time. I also have a permanent spot in a web radio from Germany that I’ve been part of for about 3 years personal realization I believe.


*Before you start your set how much do you prepare for it, and do you spin live and do you use records (LP’s) or mp3 tracks?

I prepare myself a lot, always choosing my music carefully.
I’m in love with the world of Lp’s, and all the history behind electronic and house music. I admire the djs who use it and stay true to it, but I try to follow the new. I use mp3 and wav files. I’m faithful to the new technology, things evolve and we must follow and the past is history we should admire.


*What type of dj gear are you using?

Hardware: Traktor Kontrol S4 & Tecnics phone dj 1200
Software: Traktor Pro 2, Mixed in Key to analyze the tracks and play in harmony.


*How do you see your SL in 3 – 5 years, still dj, or have you left this world by then?

Nowadays I play exactly at the places that I always wanted to play. I don’t do perm sets. I am exclusive of the clubs that I am part of the staff. And I’d like to keep that routine, besides doing other things, such as running my club and leaving my trace wherever I play.


*When you spin do you do it for the Lindens or for the love of music, or both?

Without any doubt for the love of music. I have other ways of acquiring lindens, mostly through my real life work and second life business. But it is very gratifying to be recognized by your work. Just by a simple compliment in your message box or a generous tip, no matter the amount.

“I don’t claim to know everything, every day is a learning experience. Also I do not take advantage of other people to promote myself. I learned to love music and it’s always a pleasure for me to show a little of what I do and like to do. ”

If you interested to know more about Katia you can visit her on Facebook or Mixcloud , feel free to leave a comment if you have anything on your mind.



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