BarDeco and Kekeland reopen tonight.

Terry told me some time back that he had plans to reopen the club at a smaller place and to me it was a big surprise when he and Belle open a sim together, it is not a full sim but a homestead but still a great new place with a brand new design.

Now you enter Bardeco by entering a church in end of the path and from there you go underground, sea view and lots of space to sit and dance no need to dance on top of person next to you. The whole sim is nicely decorated by Terry and it is very photogenic for those of you who love to take pictures, you will be amazed as we always get when he have had his hand in a build.

Sim has reached its limit that is 20 non premium + 5 premium avatars in total 25 can it hold, still with full sim there is not much lag at all like old place that had way more things lying around. I look forward to many new djs that will make this place make people happy, will now leave so other can come and listen to his great set that is a mix of Terry tunes a little of everything from old to new tunes.

Teleport to BarDeco & Kekeland


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