Interview with Morlita Quan.

I have been looking forward to this a long time but it never have been possible due to Morlita’s busy schedule, so when I catch her online earlier tonight on Facebook I asked briefly and she was very positive to an interview. I met her back in late 2014 at a small club and we became friends and till this day I have been following her music and art, she is a very talented person that everyone want a piece of. Hope you all enjoy reading about Morlita and what she says in the interview, also feel free to check out my Vimeo as there are a lot of live performances I have recorded over time.

*How did you find second life?
9 years ago I was totally bored at home in my free day and really had no idea about this metaverse’s existence but looking for a computer game I saw an advertisement about Second Life. I created my account thinking about it was a kind of game but the professional side on it into arts and music still have me there.

*What is your name in Second Life and what country are you from?
Morlita Quan and I am from Galicia (Spain)

*Did it take long after you arrived to second life did you decide to start djing?
Maybe couple years. I was shy at first to share what I do in real life so it took me a while for observe the music world in SL or take some trust till do it.

*What was the name of the first club you had your first dj gig at?
MetaLES. This sim which is now an art reference in SL started the path having also radio, music performance and rl-sl events. One of the owners,Ux Hax who I met in my first SL days ,was a mentor for me at this world and even in RL after build a truly friendship

*Do you have a certain dj style you spin or more than one? 
I started in real life mixing more now electronic styles like tech or minimal, but my eclectic side with a lot of different influences, adventured me to produce and spin experimental electronic and noise style. The passion for it and for experiment more and more every day ,since more than one decade ago , gives me curiosity and a pure satisfaction for learn more paths each time

*You have any dj experience from real life and do you like to tell us about it?
I spin in RL since my 15 or 16 years old for different clubs or art events…The problem (or not) about to produce a minority style it is to find open mind people who is ready to open themselves to different experiences so I could say the listeners come to you slower than the mainstream but they are more loyal
This made my path so alone ,producing by passion and hidden many years without expect nothing…just like an own needed but few years ago I was lucky to enter into NAIF Label (Narcotic Influence) and there I am totally free to make what I want with support .
Anyway I never could forget persons like Ux Hax,Romy Nayar ,Jadeyu Fhang or Cherry Manga. Real life friends who I met in SL and who was and are ones of my strongest supports for me, my music and my self-trust

*Before you start your set how much do you prepare for it, and do you spin live and do you use records (LP’s) or mp3 tracks?
I spin live, sometimes LP’s, sometimes mp3 and another times performing my own music live or mixing my music with another one. I love to feel the moment and let the moment guide me so I never do prepare it but well …lol if you are not concentrated or you can’t feel the people around you…it can be a nightmare till you back to your concentration

*What type of dj gear are you using?
Midi station,couple mp3 mix tables, couple LP’s disk, computer programs for produce or mix live and my classical instruments I rare times use for SL

*How do you see your SL in 3 – 5 years, still dj, or have you left this world by then?
I really haven’t idea. I don’t know even what I will next week so I could say while SL keeps supporting all kind of arts I will keep there in one way or another. SL offers , tones of art and music events,taking a simply TP. It is an inspiration many times and a luxury to can see for free and any time , what artist of any current can create at this metaverse without creativity limits. Simply amazing and all a satisfaction to can learn many new things from them

*When you spin do you do it for the Lindens or for the love of music, or both?
I never wanted a payment for the performance. I do it for love and it is more than enough if I just can rezz a tip for pay the stream but there’s no problem at all if I haven’t nothing.

*RL Artist name: MorlitaM

Links to her music and website.

MorlitaM on Facebook.
MorlitaM on Youtube.
MorlitaM on Web.
MorlitaM on Soundcloud.
MorlitaM music Shop.

Morlita Quan live at closing of the Dark Tears from SLVenue on Vimeo.


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