Interview with DJ Eduardo Hyx.

Edu_interview_smallTook me some time to get around and ask Edu for an interview for the blog, he is one of the best dj’s in sl as far as I know. I do remember him from the old sl days, and it was only natural for me to want to interview him to learn more about him and his dj’ing. He is in a class among other Brazilian DJs that spin in SL more frequent that he does, so it’s a treat to be able to come and listen to his set when he does them.

Reach the dj > Eduardo Hyx SL profile.

*How did you find second life?

A Real Life friend told me about Second Life.

*Did it take long after you arrived to second life did you decide to start djing, and what was the name of the first club you had your first dj gig at?

Well, in the beginning i didn’t knew nothing about the game, i was a noob like everyone else when we start, then after some time i was used to hangout in a Brazilian sim that had a club and it was a Radio as well. One day i asked the owner what i needed for spin at Second Life Radio and it was easy because i had Djing in RL a long time before join SL, i didn’t start Djing after start play SL, i already knew all about.

*You have any dj experience from real life and do you like to tell us about it?

Yea, i spun at some parties in a school i had close to my house and some neighborhood parties when i was younger, i started DJ really early in my life, i had around 17-18 years, after some time i did quit DJ at all due life problems.

*Before you start your set how much do you prepare for it, and do you spin live and do you use records (LP’s) or mp3 tracks?

I never prepare my sets, i have on my mind the first and second track and the style i gonna play, the rest i just go with the flow, i play mostly timecoded CD’s and Vinyls lately due the fact in my country we don’t have vinyls for sell anymore so i use MP3s and i use too normal CD’s that i had a lot of music recorded on them. Sometimes i play normal Vinyls as well. I really like it.

*What type of dj gear are you using?

2x CDJ 800 MK2 Pioneer, 1x CDJ 1000 MK3 Pioneer, 1x Technics SL 1200 MK2, Traktor Kontrol X1, Traktor Audio 10 and a DJM 600 Pioneer Mixer

*How do you see your SL in 3 – 5 years, still dj, or have you left this world by then?

I don’t think about SL in 3-5 years, i have no idea how it will be, i maybe will not be around anymore, even at the moment i am not often online in Second Life as before.

*When you spin do you do it for the Lindens or for the love of music, or both?

I never cared about Lindens, though, a 2 hours set on RL or SL is really exhausting and most of the people don’t have a clue about that, I spin because the love of music, the Lindens i got i just spend buying some new tracks.

A video from last sunday’s set at Club Xanadu.


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